If you feel there is a frequently asked question that we haven’t addressed, please contact us.

What is the point of the site?

To provide a centralised, independent resource for Next users to download, share and discover software, read reviews and experiences from others, or contribute their own opinions.

Are you affiliated with the Spectrum Next team?

No, we are independent from the team that produced and marketed the Next. However, we know them, and they know us, and we're all friends.

Is original ZX Spectrum software available?

No, only software specifically written for the Next. There are many sites available for downloading Spectrum titles, including World Of Spectrum.

Can I download commercial titles?

No commercial or copyrighted software is available, only freely-available titles that have been uploaded by the author or suggested by community members (and subsequently vetted) can be downloaded from WoN.

Would you consider feature X or including title Y?

If you have an idea for a feature for the site, please feel free to contact us. If there is a title you feel is missing, please submit it, although there are many we cannot accept because of copyright or permission issues - there will soon be a list of distribution denied titles.

Do you know about X issue with the Next?

We do not provide support with using your Next - you would be best of searching the official Spectrum Next Facebook group, and if you don't find an answer, asking the community there. We exist only for sharing Next software.

How do I register / leave reviews?

As of February 2018, registering to review titles is not currently available, but we hope to implement this shortly. The ability to leave reviews will launch at the same time - stay tuned!

Can I donate to the site?

We are not currently accepting donations, although a tweet or share about the site, Facebook page or Twitter account would be most welcome. We would suggest the Centre For Computing History for monetary contributions.

Who runs the site?

The team behind the Spectrum For Everyone Facebook group and Spectrum For Everyone - two of the largest and most active modern ZX Spectrum resources. However, this site is run as a separate concern.