Warhawk Next


Way back in 1986 Firebird Software released the scrolling shoot em up game ‘ Warhawk ‘ for the Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Amstrad and the C64. The gameplay involved lots of top down scrolling action as the player had to deal with lots of obstacles before the ultimate wave of enemy ships attacked the player at the end of each level. So if you remember this game you’ll be pleased to know Rusty Pixels and Flashbang Studio have not only released an overhauled demo for the ZX Spectrum next, but a full version is in the works. It should also be noted that Michael Ware was a member of the original C64 team, giving a true air of authenticity to the title!

(fromĀ Indie Retro News)

Author(s) Michael Ware, Jim Bagley and Lobo Trans

Website flashbangstudio.uk/